Top 10 Tips for Internationals looking to establish a Startup in Tampere

Because Experience Tampere is nearly upon us, we’ve gone through and created a list of Startup resources for internationals. If you want to relocate to Tampere and build your own business, here are 10 tips for you to begin your exciting journey!

“Welcome to Finland, one of the fastest-growing startup scenes in the world, offering a vibrant ecosystem of accelerators, angel investors and VCs.” –Work In Finland

  • 2. Check to see if you need a residence permit. If you are from outside of the EU, follow these steps to get a Finnish Startup Permit.

“The Startup Permit is a residence permit for innovative startup entrepreneurs coming from outside the European Economic Area who want to move and establish a startup company in Finland. The Startup Permit is issued for a maximum of two years and can be renewed.” –Business Finland

  • 3. Browse our Relocation Guide For Internationals to get the scoop about settling in Tampere.

“We warmly welcome all newcomers to Tampere! We know that moving to a new country can be a hassle and confusing at times. Therefore, we have done our best to help you by providing you with information and resources you need to ease your move here.” –International House Tampere.

“The Startup Tampere ecosystem brings together actors from the public, academic and corporate worlds to work collaboratively for the benefit of the regional startup community.” –Business Tampere

“Our Business Coordinator will help you to identify which entrepreneurial path is suitable for you and what kind of entrepreneurial services and information channels are available.” –International House Tampere

  • 6.Follow Business Tampere to contact advisors and stay updated about the latest news and events.

“It is good to discuss with a business advisor when starting to plan your own business. You will get valuable information and as an outsider, the advisor has a good possibility to contact public investors and help with financial applications and other documents.” –Business Tampere’s BusinessPilot Service

  • 7. Platform6  is more than a co-working space. It is a startup house in the heart of Tampere that collects all things startup under one roof! Tribe Tampere is a startup community located on the 5th floor of Platform6; and Red Brick is an accelerator program for pre-seed startups, which is conveniently located in the same house along with other startup services. Their collective goal is to fuel the creation of startups in their first years of activity, support existing ones and promote the quality of the companies and entrepreneurs.

“We are the sticky stuff that unites the startup and entrepreneurial scene in Tampere by activating individuals and entities to take action and build the startup ecosystem – together!” –Tribe Tampere

  • 8. Free coaching is also available from Ensimetri, where you can discuss how to establish your startup.

“Here in Ensimetri, you can talk to our business advisor about your thoughts and ideas. Our advice is always confidential and free of charge!” –Ensimetri

  • 9. Do you already have an established Startup outside of Finland and dream of relocating it to Tampere? Follow our annual Experience Tampere campaign to experience Tampere for yourself!

Experience Tampere is organized by the City of Tampere to welcome Startups and Tech talents. If selected, you and your family will be invited to experience Tampere for a few days. Through this campaign you will witness the charm of our city, its strong Startup ecosystem, and how much Tampere has to offer you and your business. This campaign will make you realize that Tampere is the perfect place for you, your company, and your family to reside.

We look forward to welcoming you and your business to our vibrant City of Tampere. Known as the Industrial City of Finland and the Most Attractive City in Finland, Tampere is an international hub of creativity and innovation.