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Relocation and Settlement

Relocation Guide to Tampere

We warmly welcome all newcomers to Tampere! We know that moving to a new country can be a hassle and confusing at times. Therefore, we have done our best to help you by providing you with information and resources you need to ease your move here.

We have put together a Relocation Guide to Tampere. It is your guide to moving, living, working, studying, leisure and family life in Tampere, Finland!

Relocation Guide to Tampere

Multilingual Guidance

At the Multilingual info Mainio, you can ask anything about living, working and studying in Tampere region in 14 different languages. Mainio’s advisors can help with different topics of everyday life, such as untangling Finnish documents or official correspondence, filling in different forms and applications, or making appointments.​ Services are available for all migrants who wish to seek information and advice in their language. Any question or topic is welcome!

For service hours by language and contact information, please refer to Mainio's website.

Multilingual info Mainio

Spouse Programme – Jobs for International Spouses

Support in settling in and finding employment opportunities for international spouses! The Spouse Programme is designed to help the spouses of those who are working or coming to work in the Tampere region. It is intended for spouses who are not yet residing in Finland.

Our free-of-charge programme provides support in official matters and relocation, guidance to Finnish language studies, job opportunities, and education options to help international spouses transition smoothly to their new home in Tampere.

Spouse Programme

Support for Integration – Initial Assessment

Initial Assessment supports your integration into the Finnish society! Multilingual Info Mainio’s Initial Assessment is a proactive opportunity that helps international students living in the Tampere City Region.

The purpose of the Initial Assessment is to look into your profile and help you find the services you need to support your integration process.

Initial Assessment

Employment Search

Support For Finding Jobs in Tampere – Talent Advisor Service

International House Talent Advisor will support you to identify opportunities that will accelerate your employment and networking plans.​ You will receive practical information supporting your employment search for full or part-time.

This service is available for persons residing in Finland, or persons overseas wanting to relocate to Tampere, Finland​.

Talent Advisor

Boost Your Career in Tampere

5 steps to boost your career and help you on your way to employment in Tampere, Finland! These five steps are designed to support especially skilled international jobseekers.​ The Career Boost content will benefit you if you are already living in Finland or want to move here.​

The steps include tips for creating a professional profile and networking, information on employment services, and financial support to boost your career in Tampere.

Career Boost

Talent CV Gallery

Talent CV Gallery is a free recruitment site that brings together employers in the Tampere City Region and international professionals residing in Finland. Increase your chances in finding your next challenge by adding your very own professional profile on Talent CV Gallery! The gallery is visited by companies looking to recruit now or in the future. Share your competence and skills and browse for jobs on Talent CV Gallery.

Talent CV Gallery

Ukraine One Stop Shop

At the Ukraine One Stop Shop, you can receive guidance on job search, studying, entrepreneurship, TE services, and everyday matters. The Ukraine One Stop Shop offers services in Ukrainian, Russian, and plain Finnish.

You can visit us without an appointment. Entrepreneurship advice is available once a month, on the first Thursday of every month.

Ukraine One Stop Shop

Coaching and Counselling

Career Boost Workshop

The Career Boost Workshop is face-to-face employment coaching for internationals residing in Finland. These workshops aim to optimise your job search methods and boost your career in Tampere.

Career Boost Workshop

Higher Education Studies and Career Counselling

SIMHE (Supporting Immigrants in Higher Education in Finland) counseling is for you if you already live in Finland and have completed an upper secondary education, studied in higher education, or completed a higher education degree. SIMHE counseling offers you information on applications for higher education and related study possibilities as well as helps you recognize your prior learning. You can discuss your situation and plans with a SIMHE counselor.


Internship Opportunities For Students

International student, are you looking for an opportunity to experience the world of work related to your studies?

From January to March we are promoting open opportunities across the Tampere / Pirkanmaa region!

Internship Opportunities for Students​

Learning Finnish

Here you can find a list of websites where you can search for courses and places for studying Finnish in the Tampere city region.

Learning Finnish


Guidance to Entrepreneurship Services

Are you planning to start your own business, but you are unsure where to start or what services there are to help you get started? We can guide you to the right services that will help you on your entrepreneurial path.

Entrepreneurship Services

Tampere Startup Kit

Are you a startup enthusiast? Have a look at our Tampere Startup Kit! This is where you will find everything you need to know to get started with your business, from getting your permits to developing your startup in Tampere.

Tampere Startup Kit

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