Guidance For Entrepreneurship Services

Are you planning to start your own business, but you are unsure where to start or what services there are to help you get started? We can guide you to the right services that will help you on your entrepreneurial path.

Guidance to Entrepreneurship Services is a one-time online consultation for internationals planning to start or grow their existing business in Tampere. Our Business Coordinator will help you to identify which entrepreneurial path is suitable for you and what kind of entrepreneurial services and information channels are available.

We also give consultation for startup teams overseas. We can help you with questions regarding relocation as an entrepreneur or moving to Tampere, Finland with your family.

Guidance service objectives:

  • help you understand a suitable entrepreneurial path,
  • help you identify how to benefit from the existing entrepreneurial services,
  • help you where to find the necessary information.
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Business Coordinator

Murat Demirez

Guidance to entrepreneurship services and startup attraction.