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Customer view of the International House Tampere Talent Advisor Service

Moving to Tampere in 2016 meant getting to know a new city from scratch for Thanida Dharmajiva. What she enjoys the most about living in Tampere, is hanging around the Hatanpää Arboretum and Rose Garden. “I love to explore the different types of roses and sitting by the lake in this peaceful area during Summer.”, describes Thanida.

Thanida studied at Tampere University and graduated with a master’s degree in Research and Innovation in Higher Education. Few months back Thanida contacted the International House Tampere Talent Advisor to get support for her employment search. We were curious to hear how her job search has proceeded after the service.

I’m currently an entrepreneur running an educational business to recruit students to Finland. Recently, I was working with the Tampere University Hidden Gems project, to support international spouses with work and studies. It was actually through working with the Hidden Gems project that I heard about the International House Tampere services. I was interested to find more permanent employment in addition to my business, so I decided to reach out to the Talent Advisor service to support my employment search.

Thanida booked a video call through For Internationals – International House Tampere website with the Talent Advisor.

I found it useful to meet with an expert and to be able to understand the current market situation generally, and opportunities in my field of interest. I felt that my employment needs, and interests were listened to, and the consultation given was based on those. It was a relief to talk with someone who understands the challenges that internationals may be facing in their job search.

After the meeting, Thanida received an email consultation from the Talent Advisor that contained networking and employment opportunities to support her job search.

I was surprised, how useful and clear the information was and how it provided advice and opportunities that matched my employment needs. This has helped me to accelerate my job search.

Of course, there is always room for improvement. Thanida gave us a valuable tip for developing the service further.

One area I felt that could be improved is a clearer indication of which local companies maybe more open to international recruitment.

Thanida is still looking for that perfect match that could combine her business activities with the right employment opportunity. You can find out more about Thanida at her professional profile here.

If you would like support with your employment search in the Tampere region, then please get in touch with our Talent Advisor service at Support for finding Jobs in Tampere Talent Advisor Service – International House Tampere.