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International Recruitment

International Recruitment Advice

Are you having trouble finding employees in Finland or abroad? Employers based in the Tampere City Region - we can help you! Our Recruitment Coordinators advise you on international recruitment, support you in bureaucracy, and even help you apply for financial support. We support you in international recruitment from start to finish.

International Recruitment Advice

Work in Finland Services for Employers

Nationwide Work in Finland services are for all employers based in Finland who want to recruit international talent.

On their website, you can find information on recruiting international talent, funding, hiring and permit process, and different training and coaching for employers.

Work in Finland Services for Employers

Finding Talent in Finland

Find International Talent Locally

New talent doesn't always have to be sought from far away. We help employers find the right channels and connect you with international job seekers already living in the area. You can notify our recruitment coordinators of an open position, and we will introduce suitable candidates for you. We can also direct you to the right services to reach international students and interns.

Find International Talent Locally

Recruiting from Abroad

Find Employee from Abroad

The competition for skilled labor is heating up. Many employers have started to recruit from outside of Finland. We can help you expand your search abroad. We attract talents to the Tampere region by organising campaigns, activities, and events in partnership with employers, Business Finland, and TE-Services.

Find Employee from Abroad

Preparing for International Recruitment

How to Get Started With Recruiting Internationally

Learn the ropes of the international recruitment process and prepare well in advance for hiring globally. Recruiting your first international talent can be a big step - make use of the best practices!

Preparing for international recruitment is crucial for employers to attract top talent from abroad. There is a lot of information and support available for employers to start hiring internationally.

Recruiting Internationally

Succeed in Onboarding Your International Employees

Support for Settling in for Employees and Their Families

Congratulations on hiring an international talent! For them and their family to have a comfortable life in Tampere region, it is important that they settle in smoothly.

Here you can find our services that will support the integration of your employee and their family, and help them adjust to Tampere.

Settling in for Employees and Their Families

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