Tredu’s Study and Career Counselling: Helping internationals find the right studies in Finland

Study and Career Counselling by Tredu is a personal guidance service where anyone can come and talk about matters related to studies and career planning in Finland. “In this service, we usually discuss different types of educational paths and most importantly, we try to find the best ways to help the clients towards working life in Finland,” study and career counsellor Kaisa Pennanen states.

The Study and Career Counselling service helps internationals get information on different types of education and training in Finland and how to fund their education. ”All internationals who are interested in vocational education or Finnish language studies are very welcome to this service, and we can find the best plans for education and working life with everyone individually,” Pennanen explains.

Explore the possibilities of education in Finland

Tredu’s Study and Career Counselling service helps internationals navigate the Finnish education system and working life. “Some of my clients want to change their career paths, and some want information on how the Finnish education system works,” Pennanen says. The Finnish vocational education system offers many ways to study: besides studying along with a group in school, one can also study in apprenticeship training or studification, which are both done in workplaces.

“In Finland it’s not uncommon to continuously educate oneself even when one has already entered working life, and this is something I also encourage my customers to do”, Pennanen explains. The service also offers information on fields that suffer from labour shortage and ways to study these occupations.

Find the right options for you

In study and career counselling the focus is on the client and what they would like to study or do for a living in Finland. Sometimes the paths to working life might take more time, for example if Finnish studies are needed to get into their educational field of choice. Study and career counselling also helps individuals identify their skills and strengths and how to take them into account when planning for their futures.

“The clients have been very happy with the service, especially since almost all of them have been able to find places to study with my help,” Pennanen says. “Besides giving the clients information about studies and working in Finland, they have also appreciated that they have been able to reflect on the different possibilities they have and to discuss their plans with someone,” Pennanen elaborates.

You can book an online session with our Career Counsellor for any week day, or a face to face meeting at the International House for Wednesday or Friday.

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