Tampere – Finland’s most desirable city to live in – attracts tech talent from Europe

Nestled in the world's happiest country, Tampere, a forward-thinking city, look towards Europe for skilled tech professionals and startup entrepreneurs. Tampere’s International House is hosting an online hackathon-style recruitment event, titled Game On!, on 14–15 September. As part of the hackathon, Tampere is inviting 12 applicants to experience the true Tampere lifestyle.

Tampere is a city known for its courage to grow and go forward. Located in the heart of Finland, Tampere is home to blooming tech companies such as Valmet, Treon, and Colossal Order. Unlike the tech industry in many crowded cities, these tech companies can offer their employees an escape from the chaos and a lifestyle with affordable, easy-access housing and a high standard of living.

Tampere has a strong tech community and active ecosystems for example in machine learning, imaging, mobile and manufacturing technologies. The growing city and its tech industry need bright new tech minds. In the Experience Tampere campaign, European professionals are especially targeted.

– We want Tampere and its tech industry to be top of mind for European tech professionals and start-up founders who are looking for inspiring new opportunities. The Game On! Hack-a-job in Tampere recruitment event is a great chance to get to know the tech companies in Tampere, says Mari Taverne, Director of International Talent Attraction and Migration at the City of Tampere.

Twelve of the tech professionals and startup founders who register for the event by 16 August also have a chance to win a five-day immersive experience in Tampere. There will be a versatile programme for both talents and startup owners coming to experience the hidden gem of Finland between the 12th and 16th of September.

– It will be a unique experience and an opportunity for the winners to meet the companies, get to know the city, its tech scene, and the lifestyle. Tampere will show that high tech can be combined with a vibrant community and chill sauna evenings by beautiful lakeside scenery, says Sini Vilppula, Vice President, Human Resources, at Automation System Business Line in Valmet.

For startup founders, the city organizes programme where they get to explore the Startup.Tampere ecosystem, visit co-working spaces, innovation centers, and accelerators, and feel the energy of the Platform 6 Startup House. Furthermore, connect with local startups, network with founders, gain insights from industry experts, and create new possibilities for their startups.

All participants get to experience Finnish culture with their families and discover the unique charm of Tampere, enjoy cultural activities, indulge in traditional Finnish cuisine, and build connections beyond business.

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The campaign is funded by the Talent Boost programme. Talent Boost is a national programme to attract international talent and promote their immigration to and integration in Finland. The aim is to increase awareness of Finland and make Finland attractive to international talent and, at the same time, improve the employment of international specialists who are already in Finland in jobs that correspond to their skills.

Text: Tiia Heikkilä
Photos: Laura Vanzo