Tam the Chatbot started working on the International House Tampere website

At the International House Tampere website, you can ask the Tam chatbot about migration, integration, employment and entrepreneurship services. Tam can also answer the most common questions about the city of Tampere and the region’s educational services. The chatbot can communicate in English, Finnish and Swedish.

Tam started its work on the International House Tampere website on November 21, 2023. Tam helps newcomers in moving, settling and finding support services in Tampere. Tam is still in the training phase and is constantly learning.

Tam is for all International House Tampere customers and website users. In the future, the bot will be able to answer a wider range of questions on different topics and it can be used on other City of Tampere websites.

– The process of job searching becomes much more challenging when relocating to another region or country. While some still require face-to-face services, a growing number of people prefer to handle their business independently from their own devices. It’s fast and efficient – therefore smart. For many, digital services and channels are no longer just one option among others, but the primary option, describes DATE Tampere project manager Heikki Hauskaviita.

A virtual assistant, powered by artificial intelligence, is available 24/7 to assist customers

Tam Chatbot is powered by Boost.ai technology. Boost.ai’s virtual assistant is also known as Kommune-Kari in other Nordic countries and Kunta-Kati in Finland, where it is used in approximately 70 municipalities.

The Tam virtual assistant has been developed as part of the City of Tampere’s Data Driven City for Citizens development programme. The aim of this programme is to enhance the well-being of the people of Tampere, develop the city’s knowledge, boost the region’s economy, and foster business opportunities with the help of sustainable digital technology. The implementation of the virtual assistant is aligned with the programme’s vision of using data and sustainable digitality to achieve these goals. The programme operates during the 2021-2025 council term.

You can have a chat with Tam at internationalhouse.tampere.fi/en.


Further information

Project ManagerHeikki Hauskaviita

Phone: +358 41 731 2972Email: heikki.hauskaviita@tampere.fi

Text: Tiia Heikkilä