Experience Tampere inspires the Metaverse

The application deadline for Experience Tampere 2024 is quickly approaching (28.04.2024), and International Tampere thought it would be fun to hear from another member of last year’s cohort. Startup founder, Anshul Agarwal, was delighted to share about his Tampere experience with XR Central, a metaverse company he co-founded in Gurgaon, India.

According to Anshul, the Experience Tampere program was a great learning and networking experience, both personally and professionally.

“I walked away with a deeper understanding of the local lifestyle, traditions, and values,” Anshul said.

“In terms of the business impact, the program offered wonderful networking opportunities with local entrepreneurs, potential clients, and other professionals. These connections are really invaluable for me [and] for business growth as we plan to enter a new market.”

Anshul Agarwal

From Left to right: Shrey Mishra and Anshul Agarwal, both  co-Founders of XR Central Source: Anshul Agarwal | LinkedIn


The Experience Tampere program offered great visibility for XR Central because Anshul had the opportunity to demonstrate his brand to a few incubators and startup accelerators, while working with Platform6 and Business Finland.

“Platform6 is synonymous with the startup ecosystem in Tampere,” Anshul commented. “Platform6 gave me the exposure to understand the local business environment, meet investors, and understand the local customer behavior. Not to forget, many startups in Tampere are quite innovative and collaborative.”

According to Anshul, there are great co-working spaces available in Tampere, which makes life easy for any entrepreneur. He recommended that new and enthusiastic founders looking to start their entrepreneurial journey make sure to ask about the term “Light Entrepreneur” and research the concept of light entrepreneurship.

As a person who values peace and silence, Anshul felt that the Experience Tampere program convinced him to live, work and play in Tampere starting on Day 1.

Anshul said that he was convinced Tampere could be his new home when he observed fallen apples under a tree just begging for him to pick them up.

In his view, Tampere is a very easy going and laid-back city with a high walkability rating.

“I walked to both the lakes and the views were just mesmerizing,” Anshul remarked. “So for me, the size of the city, natural beauty, and connectedness of the community really impressed me about Tampere.”

Anshul really enjoyed getting to speak with locals as well as people who migrated to Tampere for business. He learned a lot from their experiences and stories, and says he is still in touch with most of them. He especially enjoyed the enriching sauna and dining experiences that Tampere has to offer.

From Left to right: Co-Founders of XR Central  Shrey Mishra  and Anshul Agarwal . On the right Startup founder Robson Lisboa.

“I have painted some great memories of the City of Tampere,” Anshul said. “I feel it should be termed as the startup capital of Finland.”

Applicants for Experience Tampere 2024 have until April 28th to apply for the opportunity of a lifetime, learning how to grow a business and career in Finland’s most attractive city.

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