Career Boost Supports Your Career Planning and Employment Search

International House Tampere has renewed its Career Boost online content to support your career planning and employment search.

It provides 5 Steps to support your employment search in the Tampere Region, for both Talents already here, as well as those wanting to make a move to the region. Take a look at the updated Career Boost here: Boost Your Career in Tampere |

Career Boost Provides Value for all Talents

The guidance provides practical steps from planning your career through to making the best of funding and local support services. The goal is to provide online guidance for talents in Tampere and those wanting to make a move to the Tampere region.

A More Structured Approach

In the renewed career boost we have focused on the different needs of local and overseas talents so that the advice provided is best for you. For example, employment support services are now categorized by content for persons here in Tampere and then content for persons wanting to make a move here.

Get Networking

Step 3 in career boost provides tips on networking and a ready-made list of networking opportunities. The best time to start creating your networks is now. If you’ve just arrived here in Tampere as a student or talent, then get networking. Through your network you can better understand the local landscape in your chosen career path and connect to job opportunities.

Talent Advisor Service

Having started your career search with Career Boost, then come and talk to our Talent Advisor.

The service is provided for International Talents and Students already in the Tampere region, or those wanting to make a move to Tampere. It helps talents to identify opportunities that will accelerate their employment plans through advice on; funding, events, networking and job opportunities.

We provide this service in English as an email consultation, or for those in the Tampere region you can now book a video call with a Talent Advisor.  

Keep networking and good luck with your career search!