Personal Guidance and Advice in Your Everyday Life Matters

City of Tampere’s Multilingual info Mainio provides free multilingual guidance in 14 different languages for all migrants who wish to seek information and advice in their own language. Any question or topic is welcome. Mainio’s advisors can help in everyday life matters, such us untangling Finnish documents or official correspondence, filling in different forms and applications, or making appointments.​

“I’m privileged to help other internationals in the area to find answers to different questions and challenges during their relocation and integration process. It doesn’t matter whether you have just arrived in Finland, are looking to move here, or even if you have lived here for many years. I can help you at any stage you are in”, describes the Multilingual info Mainio’s English Advisor Mani Maroufzadeh.

Mani is an immigrant himself, and he has lived in Finland for more than 20 years. He has several years of experience in advising in 5 different languages, and Mani also takes part in developing the services further. “My background and years of experience has been a big advantage when helping other internationals. It also helps me to understand people, and the different situations they face when moving here from abroad better”.

“My job is to help you with your matters, but also to save your time and prevent possible future challenges so you can thrive in your second home here in Tampere region. You can ask me the simplest questions, or the more complex ones. It’s all about your needs and situation”, Mainio’s English advisor highlights.

Multilingual info Mainio in a nutshell

Multilingual info Mainio can help you with your everyday life questions. As an accessible information and guidance service Mainio offers:

  • Free of charge advising in 14 different languages
  • Low threshold service, many easy ways to contact

The service is for all internationals living in or looking to move to the Tampere City region (Pirkanmaa). The service can be given anonymously, and you can talk with Mainio’s advisors about any personal matters. Duty of confidence applies in the service, and Mainio does not collect, store, or manage your personal data.

All Mainio’s advisors are professionals and have knowledge of wide range of services, Finnish society and processes, culture, and integration. Some frequently asked topics that Mainio can help you with are:

  • Residence permits & citizenship​
  • Healthcare ​
  • Education​
  • Housing​
  • Employment services
  • Finnish language courses​
  • Hobbies

Although, Mainio’s advisors cannot personally find you a house or a job, they know where you can search from and how. They can also direct you to the right service that will offer you the personal assistance you may need.

You can book a time with Mainio’s English Advisor or walk to International House Tampere at Rautatienkatu 10 to visit Mainio’s service during the service hours!

Book a time for a guidance with Mainio’s English Advisor

See more about Mainio and language specific service hours at Multilingual info Mainio.